Sometimes love is born from business relationships

I am an adult man and have been looking for a successful adult woman on a dating site. I wanted to start a new business and wanted to start a family. My woman should have been smart enough to support me and help me. I did not want to spend time chatting with young girls who are not ready to have a serious relationship with an adult man. I understand that age difference is very important when adults have goals and specific plans. I opened the profile and partially filled it. I have found many women who have adult children or who also opened a personal business. For me, it was important not only communication but also the exchange of experience and useful things. I was on the site for about two years and all this time I talked with a woman from Prague. She moved there a few years ago and then decided to stay there. I live in Paris but often traveled to Prague for Christmas. My son lives there now and I like this city.

We have visited many theaters and exhibitions because I love cultural events. I invited her to opera, art galleries and antique shops. This is important for my future work and she gave me a lot of advice. She opened an art cafe in Prague and would now be glad to expand her network. The dating site did not have many functions for transferring files, and we exchanged various documents for starting a business. This woman has become for me not just a friend but also a reliable adviser and assistant. We have known each other for almost 4 years now and I helped her open a cafe here. Our relations were friendly at first, but the love of a common cause brought us closer. Her cafe and my gallery are developing and we help each other find authentic things for our rooms. I can’t say that I’m in love with her and want to get married, but I understand that this woman is very important to me.

I could not dream that I would find such an educated lady with a positive and very creative mindset. She said that her goal in visiting this dating site was to find a man for a short intrigue. Our desires were different, but we were able to find each other and spend time with the benefit of business for him. A few months ago, she wrote that she found the perfect man and wants to build a family. I did not know how to react to this. We are not dating, we are not a couple. But this news upset me. I do not want to lose her and I realized that my feelings for her are much more than just partnership and friendly. I did not tell her about it because that man might be a good choice for her. He lives in Prague and opened a theater for modern plays. It may be better for her, but she can always come to me to drink coffee and talk. We talked on the site and she showed a photo of her partner. It was not pleasant that we will not be able to communicate as often as before, but we are adults and our paths may be different.

For the last two weeks I have been planning a trip to Prague for my son’s birthday and I want to see her to talk and tell the truth. I don’t know her reaction and I don’t know what to say, but at my age I don’t want to lose the person who is important to me. If we could find each other on a dating site, then maybe we have a joint future. I don’t know what to tell her, but I think that she should understand me. I do not want to be timid and talk nonsense. Now I could not buy a ticket due to an error in the system, but I want to write to her about my visit. My plan is to make an appointment and talk about us. If she wants, she will come to our favorite cafe. If she does not believe in our joint future, then she will not come to me. I do not want too much drama and empty talk. I think the time has come for concrete action.

Not all people take communication on a dating site seriously, but adults value any relationship. I was alone for a long time after the divorce and spent most of my time with my son and business, but now it's time to think about my life. I am not yet old and ready for children. Maybe she also wants family coziness and a comfortable life. Our businesses are doing well and we can attend any event and travel. I am ready to give her everything that she wants to just to build her cozy family place.