Something about my love stories

I don’t remember exactly how much time I spent on this site, but I had many stories before meeting my bride. We talked with her for about a year and often saw each other. I flew to Europe for work and she loves to travel. Such communication was a good decision for us because both of us were not ready for life together and responsibility. After 2 months, she lost the password to her profile and did not want to restore the page. I was a little upset because our communication remained only in social networks. Then we saw each other again and she suggested that I find housing for her in my city. She found excellent courses that would allow her to pursue a career and my city was the best choice for her courses. I did not look for an apartment and invited her to live with me. My parents left the country and my sister got married and lives with her husband. The three rooms in my apartment look lonely. She agreed but wanted to pay me the rent. I thought that I could not take money from the girl and asked her to cook because I do not have time to eat normally. In this mode, we still live and we have moved to a new stage. At first it was just friendship and then I realized that I miss when she went home.

But there were other stories on dating sites. Once I chatted with a girl who had a child. We talked very easily and without disagreement. I really wanted a relationship and was glad that she has a little daughter. But she insisted on the marriage and adoption of her child. I was not ready to make a wedding after 4 months of communication. Now my bride does not insist on a wedding, although we have known each other for a very long time and very well. Now I think about marriage and I want children, but she is in no hurry. I’m not sure of her feelings for me and her desire to be together.

My doubts returned me to that dating site. I don’t know why I did it. I like my bride and our life. But all this became boring and monotonous. It seems to me that during this time we quickly stepped over from romance and friendship into a couple who have been together for 30 years. Everything became gray and dull. Maybe because I spend a little time at home. Every day I come home late. She no longer travels and we rarely go to any events.

She admitted that traveling for her was not only a way to see the world, but also to make new acquaintances. Now she has me, we are happy and she no longer wants to watch the world. I am glad that she is at home, next to me. But this life and home comfort turned into a strange feeling of isolation. We are still together about I have been sitting at work for a long time and chatting with girls on a dating site. Maybe I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm looking for something interesting, fascinating. Different stories, different people. Many say that such communication becomes addictive and it does not matter if you have a relationship in real life. Maybe I’m doing wrong but I can’t find other entertainment for myself.

I will not mind if my girlfriend also returns to that dating site. Maybe I need to change our lives and add more vibrant colors and emotions. But we chatted like friends and we had a lot of common interests. Now all this is gone and we do not know why we are together. We are happy because we have each other, we are happy for this stability, but for me this is not enough. I will not cheat on her, but I will be happy to continue communicating with other people. It may even be easy to make new friends.

When we started our relationship it was very cool. But everything became boring very quickly. I can’t say that we have changed, but on the site we were definitely different. We were interested, we were cheerful and always talked a lot and joked a lot at meetings. She talked about different countries and interesting places and things, I shared my stories from basketball lessons. We gave up our hobbies to work and watch TV every night. It became boring after a few years and I do not know what awaits us after. But we will try to change and make our life brighter as possible. We want to keep our relationship, but now we have to do something for this. She does not complain to me and I am silent too, but we see that our life together is wrong. We will change something to improve this.