Online meeting that has changed my entire life!

One cold winter evening I was searching for my favorite show online. When an advertisement popped up on the screen. It was an ad of a dating website with pretty Russian girls. I don’t remember the name of the website because I didn’t click the link. However, an idea of a romantic online acquaintance with pretty Slavic woman appeared in my mind.

I thought about it for several days and start searching for a reliable dating platform. It took me a long time, prior I found a needed resource for communication. I read lots of reviews, comments and even watched video clips. I had chosen For several evident reasons for me. First of all, I decided to find meaningful long-term relations and most of the girls from the website had such serious intentions. This info was mentioned on most of the forums. Moreover, I didn’t have an experience with Slavic women, but heard so much about their hospitability, family values and more. So, new experience was also my priority.

I signed up and started searching for a beloved person. This process wasn’t easy, because so many pretty ladies contacted me. I contacted a huge variability of girls. That’s why, such a big choice only disoriented me. So, I made a list of criteria, which I was looking for. I included both appearance and some life goals and character traders. Of course, a long list of girls became shorter when I used these criteria. As you see, I had several stages of my search process and not all of them were easy and quick. However, I coped with everything and found Maryna. When I stopped categorize everything according to the criteria, it seemed to me that I fell in love. She was like my ideal best friend, always so supportive, tender and kind. When I looked at her photos, I was just charmed of her appearance. I couldn’t believe that such a beauty can be so tender inside. I had never met such ladies before.

So we chatted whenever both of us had spear minute, shared some photos and frequently communicated via video connection. Everything was just perfect and it came to the point that we need a real meeting. Maryna was so stressed about our future date, she shared this thoughts with me. She thought that everything was just ideal and one date can ruin everything, but at the same time, she desperately wanted to meet me. Such a girlish reaction interested me even more than if she just agreed on a usual meeting.

To cut a long story short, I flew to Ukraine and everything was okay. Ideal evening with my beloved lady was unforgettable. We talked about everything, like two close friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time period. We shared our future plans, life goals and everything that we were chatting about online. I stayed in Kyiv for a week or so and got acquainted with her parents. They are such friendly people.

Right now, after my arrival back home, I cannot stop thinking about this girl. We are planning our life together. I think that in a month or even less, we will be together and nothing will disturb our happiness.